A Projection in the DDF, ANDNOW, Dallas, TX, until December 31st 2016 (link)


Group Show, Lodos, Mexico City, opening December 8th, 2016 (link)


Interview in Summer 2016 Mousse Magazine (link)


(dispatch), 2016

Soundtrack for Development (detail), 2016 [theme dispersed across a city cueing a thousand cameras]

(Voiceover), 2016 [press release adapted to annotated voiceover script]

Is this projection or is this anticipation?, 2016 [suspended DDF module]

Didactic Divergence Facility, 2016 [on ceiling, arbitrary configuration, infinite unique modular components]

a collectively indeterminate local concentration of global production taken to signify the unity of the present, 2015

(excerpt), 2016 [subject out of frame and out of time]

Civil Society and Interconnectedness, 2016 [video by Sophia Al Maria plays out of frame]

Popular Expression and Consensus, 2016 [video by Ahmet Öğüt plays out of frame]

Democracy and Development, 2016

Administrative work space of Centro de Arte, a Managua venue of X Bienal de Nicaragua

Chromed projector mount as element of exhibition design in International Currency, 2015

Thomas Shannon, Assistant Secretary, Department of State, Western Hemisphere Affairs, 2016


Prologue: Divergence Motor/Albatross Alarm, 2016 [a stoppage, a subscription, a prologue]

Transcript: (LINK)

(for projector), 2014 Installed over office and storage yet viewable from gallery.

Idle projector unacknowledged in exhibition materials of group show, 2014


Reviews: Flash Art Bad at Sports

(courtyard), 2013, 2014 [wall to wall for suspension]

Blueprints for dropped scripts, 2013, 2014

Indoor boule court, 2012, 2013

exhibition text for Under A Thawing Lake

exhibition text for Stowaways

exhibition text for International Currency