Redevelopment of a Soundtrack, Eclair, Berlin, June 2017 [SOLO]

(a few open systems), ANDNOW, Dallas, June 2017 (Curator)



Interview in Summer 2016 Mousse Magazine (link)



A Projection in the DDF, 2016

From Past Futures (Off the clock but in the moment), 2016

(dispatch), 2016

Soundtrack for Development, 2016 [theme dispersed across a city cueing a thousand cameras] [posters by Angela Bulloch]

(Voiceover), 2016 [press release adapted to annotated voiceover script]

Contingent Divergence (alarm module), 2016

Is this projection or is this anticipation?, 2016 [suspended DDF module]

Didactic Divergence Facility, 2016 [on ceiling, arbitrary configuration, infinite unique modular components]

a collectively indeterminate local concentration of global production taken to signify the unity of the present, 2015

(excerpt), 2016 [subject out of frame and out of time]

Civil Society and Interconnectedness, 2016 [video by Sophia Al Maria plays out of frame]

Popular Expression and Consensus, 2016 [video by Ahmet Öğüt plays out of frame]

Democracy and Development, 2016

Administrative work space of Centro de Arte, a Managua venue of X Bienal de Nicaragua

Chromed projector mount as element of exhibition design in International Currency, 2015

Thomas Shannon, Assistant Secretary, Department of State, Western Hemisphere Affairs, 2016


Prologue: Divergence Motor/Albatross Alarm, 2016 [a stoppage, a subscription, a prologue]

Transcript: (LINK)

(for projector), 2014 Installed over office and storage yet viewable from gallery.

Idle projector unacknowledged in exhibition materials of group show, 2014


Reviews: Flash Art Bad at Sports

(courtyard), 2013, 2014 [wall to wall for suspension]

Blueprints for dropped scripts, 2013, 2014

Indoor boule court, 2012, 2013

exhibition text for Under A Thawing Lake

exhibition text for Stowaways

exhibition text for International Currency